Come to Brian Bemis for your maintenance services, prevent car problems and keep your vehicle running like new. It is very important to maintain your vehicle in order to ensure proper running condition and to maximize the life of your vehicle.

• Tire Balancing
• Tire Rotation
• Fuel Injection Cleaning
• Transmission Flush
• Cooling Systems Flush
Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement
• Fuel Economy

Whether you just need a clamp fixed on your muffler, or you are interested in custom performance exhaust systems, your local Brian Bemis service location can get the job done!

Exhaust Manifold
• Catalytic Converter
• Resonator
• Exhaust Pipe
• Muffler
• Tail Pipe

Brian Bemis is your place to for Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Service.  If your vehicle is too hot, bring it and we'll cool it down!

• Auto Air Conditioning Repair
• Auto Air Conditioning Installation
• Auto Air Conditioning Parts

Brian Bemis provides complete steering and suspension systems service to keep your vehicle steered in the right direction!

• Wheel Alignment
• Front End Parts
• Wheel Balancing
• Tire Rotation
• Shocks and Struts
• Strut Mounts
• Coil and Leaf Springs
• Steering Stabilizers
• Rack and Pinion
• Motor Cushions

CV Joints/Boots
Brian Bemis can take care of all your CV Joints/Boots service needs. The CV Joint is comprised of four basic parts:

1. The outer section, which has grooves machined on its inner surface
2. The bearings, which are usually in a "cage"
3. The inner ball, which has grooves on its outer surface for the bearings to ride in
4. A rubber boot to protect the unit from dirt and moisture.